About us

We are a Montreal based company that started MASQC to actively contribute to our local community.

We make our artisanal masks with the finest 100% cotton hand selected for you. Our fabrics are colourful and fun to cheer you up and help you get used to our new reality.

Our masks are 3 layered equipped with a filter. They are washable and reusable! They are not medical grade masks however as per the directives of our local government wearing artisanal masks help tremendously in protecting each other on top of washing our hands for 20 seconds!

We take pride in producing locally and using recycled material for our packaging.

One of our core values is giving back to our community! With every mask purchased, 1$ will be donated to the Regroupement des maisons pour Femmes Victimes de Violence Conjugale Foundation.

Thank you for visiting us and hoping you will enjoy your shopping with us!